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Smoker's Section - Journal & Activity Book

Smoker's Section - Journal & Activity Book

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A journal for tracking you-know-what usage. But not the boring, sterile, ugly kind. The kind that combines creative design with open-ended activities. Something with creative design so beautiful you want to frame the pages… but also scribble all over it. The kind that pairs sophistication with fun. Journal pages in the front, and silly activities in the back. Like a mullet, if a mullet was a journal & activity book.


Once it’s in your hands, the possibilities are endless. Spark up and take notes on your favorite strains. Doodle in it. Tear out your favorite pages and hang them on your wall. Tear out the pages you don’t like and hang them in a public bathroom stall. Send the Sudoku pages to your grandpa via snail-mail. Grandpas love Sudoku.

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