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Why Budsbie?

Why Budsbie?
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Our Mission

Normalize and undo decades of false
propaganda on the cannabis plant and it's users.

We'll get there by...

educating beginners and cannabis enthusiasts alike
on just about everything to do with cannabis.

Why do all of this?

There's something very fundamentally wrong about how cannabis laws and public perception got to this point in the first place.
Making the world realize how we got here, why it happened, and how we can prevent it from happening again in other areas of life is the reason we're doing this. 

The Budsbie Squad

Headshot of creative director of Budsbie.

Tomas Calvino

Creative Director

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Headshot of Chelsey producer at Budsbie.

Chelsey Ferguson


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Talent Collaborations

We wouldn't be able to bring you all this content if it wasn't for the amazing people we collaborate with to teach and educate you on all things cannabis. Check them out below and give them a follow.

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