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How To Roll a Banana Leaf Wrap!


If you're someone who appreciates a more natural essence of cannabis, then a banana leaf wrap might just be your perfect match. We'll walk you through the steps of rolling your weed using a banana leaf by Million Bananas.

What is Banana Leaf?

Banana leaves, aside from being a staple in many cuisines for their ability to impart flavor and aroma, also serve as a fantastic alternative to traditional rolling papers. Their pliable nature and natural properties make them an excellent choice for a unique and eco-friendly smoking experience.

What You're Going to Need:

  1. Flower: Your chosen cannabis flower, prepared and ready to be rolled.

  2. Banana Leaf: A fresh and clean banana leaf, ready for the rolling process.

  3. Lighter: To seal the wrap and light your creation.

  4. Honey or Plant Glue: For sealing the wrap securely.

  5. Grinder: To prepare your cannabis flower for an even spread.

  6. Paper Towels: To moisten and pat dry the banana leaf.

  7. Water: For moistening the banana leaf.

  8. Optional: Filters: For a smoother smoking experience.

The Rolling Process:

  1. Moisten: Begin by moistening your banana leaf with water. Wait for about a minute until the leaf becomes flexible, then lightly pat it dry with paper towels. This step ensures that the leaf is pliable enough for rolling.

  2. Filter: Create your filter tip and place it on one side of the banana leaf. This will serve as the mouthpiece and prevent any unwanted debris from reaching your lips.

  3. Flower: Evenly spread your prepared cannabis flower across the banana leaf. Remember to remove any stems to prevent tears in the leaf during the rolling process.

  4. Compress: Gently press down on the flower to pre-compress it, creating an even cylinder shape. Roll the flower back and forth lightly to ensure uniform distribution and a consistent shape.

  5. Tuck: Keeping the wrap tight, start tucking and rolling the flower-filled leaf from one end to the other.

  6. Seal: Apply a complimentary glue or lick the ends of the banana leaf to stick them together, effectively sealing your creation.

  7. Roast: Use the heat from a hemp wick to roast the leaf, removing excess moisture. As the leaf becomes stiffer, it's a sign that it's ready to be lit.

  8. Light and Enjoy: Light the end of the hemp wrap evenly all the way around to ensure an even burn. This technique prevents any runs and ensures a smooth smoking experience.


Rolling your own banana leaf hemp wrap is a journey that reconnects you with nature and elevates your cannabis consumption to a whole new level. Embrace the purest way to enjoy your cannabis, savoring the taste and experience that only a native leaf hemp wrap can offer. Try yours at


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