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HOJ KOL Quickstart Guide

Introduction to HOJ's KOL Quickstart Guide:

Today, we're diving into the exquisite world of HOJ's KØL Mini 2.0 – a pocket-sized wonder that's making waves in the smoking scene. Get ready for a quick and easy guide to elevate your smoking experience!

How To Use The KØL from HOJ

How To Clean The KØL from HOJ

Unwrapping the Magic: What’s Inside?

First things first – let’s unveil the treasure. The KØL Mini 2.0, a compact version of the award-winning KØL, is your new smoking companion. It’s not just a pipe; it’s a masterpiece.

Proprietary Excellence: The Channel Design

The secret sauce? The proprietary, patent-pending channel design inspired by Mako shark scales. It's not just fancy aesthetics; it creates multiple vortexes and passes smoke through a stainless steel filter, promising a silky-smooth experience without the coughing drama.

Environmentally Friendly Construction

HOJ cares about Mother Earth too! Crafted from recyclable anodized aluminum, the KØL Mini 2.0 is an eco-friendly choice. And guess what? It's sealed with rare earth magnets for easy disassembly when it's cleaning time. Just pop it under the sink, and voila – good as new!

Sustainable Packaging

The eco-love doesn’t stop at the pipe. Even the packaging is a blend of sustainability, featuring cork and biodegradable plastics. Because enjoying a good smoke shouldn’t cost the earth.

Travel-Friendly Marvel: What’s in the Kit?

This 4.4" travel buddy isn’t just compact; it's loaded! Open the kit, and you'll find three titanium-coated stainless steel filters, ensuring your sessions stay top-notch every time.

Aesthetics That Wow: Smooth Black Finish

KØL isn't just about function; it's a style statement. With a smooth black finish and modern twists and curves, it's a piece of art in your hands. Smoking just got a whole lot cooler.

Lifetime Warranty: A Smoking Companion for Life

Backed with a lifetime warranty, the KØL Mini 2.0 is not just a pipe; it’s a commitment. HOJ is saying, “We've got your back,” ensuring that your smoking journey is filled with pleasure and satisfaction.

Conclusion: Your Smoking Upgrade Awaits!

So, there you have it, folks – your quick and easy quickstart guide to the HOJ KOL Mini 2.0. Unpack, disassemble, clean, and enjoy the ultimate smoking experience. Your KØL adventure starts now!


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