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Suka Pipe by 7Pipe

Suka Pipe

By 7Pipe


This sleek pipe that looks like a UFO will blow your mind with a unique way to load bowls on the go.

The Suka Pipe holds 4 grams or more of your favorite herb for all day quick loading, or just load bowls directly into the quartz glass bowl when at home. Quickly load bowls by turning the center trackball inward. Then flip the pipe so the herb falls to that side. Then just flip the pipe again to use gravity so the herb falls into the bowl. A few taps may help. You will refine your own motion soon enough. It hits like a spoon, and the hits gets smoother as you use it. Disassembly is simple and all parts can be soaked or wiped in alcohol for easy cleaning. 7pipe’s emphasis on safety means the Süka has premium quality anodized aluminum, platinum cured silicone, and heatproof quartz glass. Our focus on durability means your Süka pipe will last for years to come. The packaging box for Süka pipe is made from food-grade polypropylene and is reusable to soak your sticky pipe parts for a deep cleaning. Or, use it to store herb or store the pipe itself. Suka is also cleverly designed to have 0% downtime. If the cap on your pipe gets lost, just replace it with a nickel. It fits perfectly and it costs only five cents!


  • Compact and Portable Design.

  • Filters Purify The Smoke

  • Holds 4 Grams

  • Hidden Storage Compartment

  • Durable and Easy To Clean Construction


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