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Wizard's Rook Pipe by JD Allred

Wizard's Rook Pipe

By JD Allred Pipes


Glass pipes can be very beautiful and the artisans that make them are clearly very talented. Glass pipes work well because they are hollow - which kind of serves as the calabash chamber in my designs. However, glass pipes are undoubtedly fragile and can be difficult to clean. With my wood pipes the calabash chamber serves the same function as being hollow except with easy access it's much easier to clean. Also, wood pipes smoke cooler and taste better because they hold heat more efficiently. In addition, wood pipes are completely natural and don’t pose the risk of toxic gases like their metallic counterparts. As with traditional tobacco pipes, with proper maintenance, my pipes will last forever and will smoke and look great with age.


  • BOWL: If a bowl is too deep the material at the bottom will get dirty as you smoke which will negatively effect the taste, too wide and it doesn't burn effectively. My bowls are typically between 3/4" and 7/8" in diameter and depth. The walls of the bowl angle inward and are straight, not rounded, allowing for a more even and complete burn.

  • SITTER: Many traditional tobacco pipes are not designed to sit. They are personal and not typically shared so they are designed to be held comfortably in the hand or pocket. Because my pipes are designed for a variety of contemporary uses, all of my pipes are designed to be sitters. (or standers depending on the design)

  • CENTER DROUGHT HOLE: A traditional tobacco pipe will typically have the drought hole off to the side. For my contemporary designs, I believe a center drought hole allows for better airflow and a more even burn.

  • CARB: A small hole on the side that connects with the interior calabash chamber and allows the user to control airflow and clear the calabash chamber of smoke.

  • BIT: The bit on a traditional pipe will typically have a little lip or "button" on the end. This allows the user to clasp the pipe with their teeth so they can smoke hands free. This really isn’t a feature I feel is important for my style of pipes which smoke best when the bit is just touched to the lips.


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