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Unboxing The Ultimate Weed Stash Box: BlueBus Fine Tools Discovery 2.0

Unboxing and First Impressions

Join us as we unbox one of the coolest weed stash boxes we've ever seen. The BlueBus Fine Tools Discover 2.0 and explore its incredible features, all designed to enhance your cannabis experience.

An Eco-Friendly Weed Stash Box Revolution

Introducing the BlueBus Fine Tools Discover 2.0 stash box, a game-changer for cannabis enthusiasts who seek both style and functionality. Crafted from eco-conscious bamboo, this stash box takes your herb storage experience to the next level. With roomy compartments, a convenient rolling tray, odor-proof glass jars, and an array of essential accessories, the Discover 2.0 is your one-stop solution for a sophisticated and organized cannabis setup.

Cutting-Edge Security with Fingerprint Access

What truly sets the BlueBus Fine Tools Discover 2.0 apart is its innovative fingerprint lock mechanism. Say goodbye to traditional keys and codes! This advanced fingerprint sensor provides swift and secure access to your stash. It's as simple as a touch of your finger, ensuring that your herbs and accessories remain safe and accessible. Plus, the built-in backup access method guarantees that you'll never be locked out, offering peace of mind and the utmost reliability.

What's Inside the Discover 2.0 Stash Box?

Bamboo Elegance

The Discover 2.0 is housed in an environmentally friendly bamboo box that not only adds a touch of elegance to your collection but also aligns with your eco-conscious values.

Lid with Magnetic Board

The lid of the stash box features a magnetic board, keeping your tools and accessories organized and easily accessible. No more rummaging around for what you need.

Spacious Compartments

Inside, you'll find roomy compartments to neatly organize your herbs and accessories. No more clutter or disorganization.

Odor-Proof Glass Jars

Three smell-proof glass jars are included for discreet and safe herb storage. Keep your stash fresh and fragrant.

Tools Stand

The stash box comes equipped with a tools stand, ensuring your gear is kept neat and tidy, ready for use.

High-Quality Aluminum Herb Grinder

A 2.5-inch high-quality aluminum herb grinder is included, enabling you to perfectly prepare your herbs for consumption.

Round Herb Brush and Cleaning Brush

Maintain your stash box and accessories with the round herb brush and cleaning brush, ensuring everything remains in top condition.

Pre-Rolled Cone Filling

The Discover 2.0 stash box comes with metal cones in both king size and 1 ¼ size for convenient pre-rolled cone filling.

Cone Funnels

Two cone funnels are included to streamline your pre-rolled cone filling process, making it a breeze.

Essential Accessories

Other essential accessories include mini scissors, a metal packing stick, 10 metal stickers, a metal plate, and two silicone strips to adjust the phone/tablet size to the tray.

Additional Herb Storage Options

You'll also receive two smell-proof bags for additional herb storage, providing flexibility for your cannabis collection.


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