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Smojo by The Helpful Monkey

The Smojo

By The Helpful Monkey


The first truly “engineered” smoking screen. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, designed to meet real user needs. The permanent smoking screen that stays in place and doesn’t permanently clog!

To use Smojo, first test your pipe’s bowl opening to ensure Smojo will fit. The 2 things to check are the size of the hole and the clearance beneath the hole. If you have a set of drill bits, if the 1/8" drill bit slides through the hole at the bottom of your pipe to a depth of 3/8", Smojo should fit. If the 1/8" drill bit will not slide through the hole there is little hope that Smojo will fit. Another test is to take several paperclips (normal not jumbo size), straighten them out, and see how many can fit in through the hole at the same time, 4 is marginal, 5 or more and Smojo should fit. Once you have tested Smojo’s fit, Turn pipe upside down and insert Smojo, using a gentle rocking motion until the tail passes through the hole. Use caution and do not force Smojo so as not to break any glass pipes. If Smojo falls out, spread tails wider apart and re-insert.


  • Lasts longer than 1000 screens! Can’t become permanently clogged!

  • Won’t fall out when bowl is emptied.

  • Permanent, never needs changing.

  • Takes minimal space in smoking bowl, provides easy smoke flow.

  • Made in USA of surgical quality stainless steel.


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