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Orbital Series Dab Rigs by MJ Arsenal

Gemini & Apollo

By MJ Arsenal



Please welcome Gemini to the MJA family! Paying respects to one of the landmark space programs that helped land our boys on the moon! What better way to carry on the legacy of space travel by bringing this double ball, puck perc rocketship right into your personal sphere.

6.5in x 3.75in x 2.75in


Please welcome Apollo to the MJA family! Not only is this aptly named after the Greek God of medicine, it also is an homage to the first manned mission to the Moon! Inspired by shapes often found in celestial travel, this double ball, puck perc rig will send you to the stratosphere and back.

6.75in x 3.75in x 3in


  • The terps are sure to be out of this world! We will see you in orbit!

  • Less air = more flavor (especially in outer space!) Elevate the ordinary session with MJ Arsenal.


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