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DabSponge 2.0 by DabSponge

The Dab Sponge 2.0

By DabSponge


The number one issue with Dabsponge 1.0, was that the sponges would begin to fall off due to the combination of the rubbing alcohol and heat. Dabsponge 2.0, uses a clip to hold the sponges in place while cleaning, giving you the best cleaning experience. We addressed the 2nd biggest issue with 1.0, by creating a head that can withstand extremely high temperatures. This was achieved by covering each Dabsponge 2.0 head with medical-grade silicone. We had to accompany this new upgraded head with a brand new handle.

Our new handle allows the head of the Dabsponge to be removed and replaced. We included an additional head in each box, that way if the original head gets damaged, you can quickly replace it and keep that banger clean!


  • Zero Glue!!

  • Heat Resistant Head

  • New Handle

  • Replaceable Sponge Head


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