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ABC's with Emma Greens

A: Adult-Use

B: Badder

C: Cultivar

D: Dry-Sift

E: Entourage Effect

F: Full-Spectrum

G: Ganga

H: Hydrocarbon Extraction

I: Indica

J: Jack Herer

K: Kief

L: Live Resin

M: Mids

N: Nectar Collector

O: Outdoor

P: Pheno Hunting

Q: Quartz

R: Reciprocity

S: Sativa

T: Terpenes

U: Uplifting

V: Vertical Integration

W: Wax

X: Xanthophyll

Y: Yield

Z: Zaza

The ABC's with Emma Greens are 26 tips that beginners should know to help understand the complex industry terms and standards.


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