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What are Ash-Catchers?


As cannabis becomes more mainstream, people are looking for new ways to enjoy their smoking experience. Bongs have long been a favorite among smokers due to their ability to filter smoke and provide a smoother hit. However, even the most avid bong users will tell you that keeping your bong clean can be a pain. That's where an ash catcher comes in. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using an ash catcher for your bong and why it might be worth the investment.

What is an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is an accessory that attaches to your bong and collects the ash and debris from your bowl. It's essentially a filter that prevents ash from reaching your bong's water, which can make it dirty and clogged.

Ash catchers come in two types: dry and diffused.

Dry Ash Catcher

Contrary to its name, a dry ash catcher is used with a little bit of water. It's designed to catch the ash as it falls, and it's easier to clean than a diffused ash catcher. It doesn't require any extra effort to inhale, making it a good option for those who want to keep things simple.

Diffused Ash Catcher

A diffused ash catcher uses a percolator and water to catch the ash and filter the smoke. The percolator breaks up the smoke, creating smaller bubbles that cool down the smoke and filter out impurities. This results in a smoother and cleaner hit, but it can make your bong harder to pull and slightly harder to clean.

Benefits of Using an Ash Catcher

  1. Keeps your bong clean: The most obvious benefit of using an ash catcher is that it keeps your bong clean. It prevents ash and debris from reaching your bong's water, which can make it dirty and clogged.

  2. Provides a smoother hit: As mentioned earlier, a diffused ash catcher can provide a smoother and cleaner hit by filtering out impurities and cooling down the smoke.

  3. Saves time and money: Since ash catchers prevent your bong from getting dirty, you'll spend less time cleaning it. This can save you time and money in the long run.

  4. Enhances the taste and aroma: By preventing ash and debris from reaching your bong's water, an ash catcher can enhance the taste and aroma of your smoke. You'll be able to enjoy the full flavor of your cannabis without any unwanted impurities.


If you're a bong user, an ash catcher is a worthwhile investment. It can keep your bong clean, provide a smoother hit, and enhance the taste and aroma of your smoke. There are different types of ash catchers available, so it's important to choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether you prefer a dry or diffused ash catcher, incorporating one into your smoking routine can make a noticeable difference.


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