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Vibe with Budsbie

Music is another way to connect and communicate with one another.

These playlist were created for us, stoners.

We are not one thing and cannot be put in a box.

Music helps express that. We hope you enjoy vibing with us. 

Motivation the Budsbie Way

Staying motivated can be hard, music changes that. We want to provide you with the motivation that we have every day and live by. 


Chill with Budsbie

The perfect blunt in rotation playlist. Vibe with us like you're in Budsbie's studio smoking a jay.


Budsbie's Blazin Beats

Blaze up and get ready to bang your head to the beat because you won't stop. 


Pot Girl Summer

This playlist name speaks for itself. Light up, click play, and twerk bitch. *I know that's right.*

Click Here to Download

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