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Empire Glassworks - UV Cactus Bowl Piece

Empire Glassworks - UV Cactus Bowl Piece

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This Cactus Bowl Piece, blown by Empire Glassworks, features a single hole bowl and stunning colors.  The prickly texture details the natural spines cactus are know for, as well as the colorful flower embellishments designed onto this bowl piece.  Attached to the side of the bowl is floral cactus army used as a handle for control. Whether or not you're into cacti, this sweet bowl piece is not one to sleep on.  Literally.  You might hurt yourself.



Borosilicate Glass

14.5mm Male; Direct Inject Joint



Height: 2.5"  Length: 2"  Depth: 1.75"

Weight: 32 Grams



Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.

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